FAQ: Fundamentally Appropriate Questions

A one-to-one QA session with our CEO

(oh you know, our "Creative Executive Ogre")

ESimplified is a "full-service agency", what does this really mean?

Our agency doesn't offer just webdesign services, though that is how we started. We also offer a fabulous range of digital services which are actually interrelated to website design, such as internet marketing, Paid advertising, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

But what if I just want a website? And not all that other stuff?

Then that's absolutely not a problem! We personalize the process to determine exactly what your needs and wants are. "All that other stuff" is up to you, for whenever you're ready to promote your business and maximize results. But if all you want is a website, well, we love building websites so let's get started!

What do you mean when you say you "personalize your process"?

We believe that every business has its own narrative: that every business is unique and has their own story to tell. That's fundamental to how we work because, first, we take a vested interest in learning about our client even before they become our client so that we can actually design a better strategy and solution that best suits their narrative. That's what we mean by personalizing the process. But to go further, beyond just how we work, business branding succeeds when you dig out that narrative and polish it so it shines and shows off its best facets.

Why don't you give quotes over the phone?

We get a lot of calls, blind calls, where people are shopping around and want us to give them a figure before we even know who we're talking to or what they're about. When we get calls like that, our team just looks at each other and shake our heads. It's like asking a doctor to diagnose you before he even knows your symptoms.

What does "firm pricing policy" even mean?

We're kind of proud of this one, because we do our best to minimize costs for clients. We deliver high-end quality without a high-end price. Because we've been around for more than a decade, we know what our services are worth. We don't try to compete with other agencies by overselling or underselling. We don't negotiate because we deliver excellent results at a reasonable price. Our focus is on delivering quality results to our clients as cost-effectively as possible and in our opinion, satisfied clients means better business in the big picture.

Wait, how are satisfied clients better business?

Well first of all, satisfied clients are happy to put in a word for us; they're real world referrals and we've found that other people like to hear about real world results, which is what we are about. But further, we're a full-service agency, as I explained, and so when a client comes to us for a website and we create an amazing website, they usually ask us to implement post-launch services, such as a Paid advertising campaign, or integrating their business with social media because they've experienced our client-centric approach and also know we deliver.

Social media ... you mean I can actually put my business on Facebook and make money?

People are actually surprised by this one, but it's true. Of course, it's a different mindset from having a personal Facebook account, because for starters, you need to integrate your business's brand and convey appropriate tone and professionalism, not to mention keep with Facebook's Advertising Guidelines, and more. But when done right, social media integration is actually one of the best marketing strategies for consumer reach.

What makes ESimplified different from the other Toronto web design firms?

Hey, you're putting me on the spot here, that's not fair. Well, we're a very focussed and enthusiastic group. We are a small and tight-knit team, more like family. We're sort of like maverick geeks in a way (except we're also good looking) because most of us started in different sectors: economics, sciences, law, literature — so we're able to inject professional industry voices into our work here — but we each had a passion and talent for creativity and technology that couldn't be expressed in our respective fields. So we rebelled and here we are! More to the point, I believe being able to come to work each day and do what we love is what makes us do it really well.

Any last words for the FAQs?

Yes. I need to say one thing, because we are committed to 100% transparency ... my content manager actually wrote these answers for me.


(If you'd like her to write something for you, too, please email info@esimplified.ca.)