Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Marketing

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Increase your leads, calls and sales through targeted Ads placing you at the top of Search results page right when a prospect is searching for your product or service. It is a powerful growth driver if done properly and requires a coordinated action plan as search engines reward advertisers who create relevant and intelligently created campaigns by charging less for clicks.

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Pay-per-Click Marketing

Take advantage of Internet marketing and drive up your leads and sales. PPC is a highly effective "pull" strategy as it allows businesses to be visible just when the user searches for their services or products . If set wisely, PPC can be a very cost effective and powerful strategy to generate qualified leads with a high ROI.

Our PPC Process

As a certified Google agency, our process is designed around maximizing the ROI for the client and avoiding any wasteful PPC spend. It start with an assessment of what the goals are and what the competitive landscape is like. This is then followed keyword selection and a policy on how the campaign will be structured. Finally an action plan is developed to achieve maximum output based on client budget.

Our PPC services include

  • Competition analysis
  • Budget settings
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign setups
  • Constant monitoring & management
  • Geo targeting
  • AD creation and testing
  • Improving Ad quality score
  • Setting landing pages
  • Website Speed Audits

Benefits of PPC

PPC can have a positive impact on businesses and brands.

Achieve Business goals –

PPC is considered to be a valuable method of marketing for brand awareness, converting visitors to customers, and serving the middle of the funnel through advertising

Targeting Options

PPC allows you to target keywords, audiences based on their past behavior, audiences based on their demographics.


You can start off small and scale up immediately. And if you wish to put your campaign on hold, you can stop it right away. This flexibility allows you to make quick decisions and act upon it.

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