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Whether its a brand new web site design or rebuild of an existing presence, we assure our clients of a high quality, credible web design that will create trust and encourage prospects to make contact. Websites are an integral part of the entire marketing strategy for any business and quite often the only source of lead generation. Just having any website is no longer relevant. There are only a few seconds to impress your Online visitor, making it imperative that your website is designed to impress. It is as much as an art as it is science and because we love what we do, we do it exceptionally well.

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Our Recent Web Design Projects

A partnership approach

Most clients are not just looking for web designers but technology partners who through a collaborative process understand their vision and deliver a compelling solution.

Rather than rush through to gain a client, we prefer to meet with you and discuss the requirements and then offer solutions that would exactly meet your business objectives. Just having a website is not good enough these days, a website that works for your business is what you need. At ESimplified we ask clients quite a few questions to understand their requirements, objectives and expectations. We do a competitive analysis so an overall solution is tailored around clients needs and business.

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ESimplified started as only a custom website design agency and never used any theme based CMS platforms for any of our projects. Every project started on a fresh new sheet with a new vision. This approach works still on projects where the requirements are unique, changes to layout can happen often , clients are very picky on layout schemes throughout the site and budgets are high. Mostly these are B2B application where themes are unable to work.



In the the last few years we have started to use Wordpress a lot in our projects( almost 80%) as some really good themes are now available and our developers can customize any aspect of any theme thus ensuring the clients still gets a unique website, they are trained to manage the changes themselves and projects have become cost effective as well. A win-win for all. Wordpress is a fantastic platform for pretty much any type of website project



Over the years, due to an explosive growth in smart/tablet usage, more users are now using small screen devices to view web pages thus the need to create websites which will display well on all devices. All websites developed by us are full responsive meaning they will adapt to any screen size whether it is a smart phone or tablet or desktop/laptop. This not only allows for a better user experience but also helps in improved rankings by search engines.


We build Websites that not only look beautiful but function beautifully, too

We design and develop websites with conversions in mind so our clients can accomplish more Online—whether it means selling products or services, recruiting top talent or getting great content in front of the right audience.

Every website project by ESimplified will have:

  • Identified goals for the project
  • A clearly defined and client approved scope of work
  • Understanding the competition
  • Recommendations based on competition analysis
  • A designated project manager available assigned to every client.
  • A committed price that is guaranteed to never go up
  • Full support after the project goes live ( we have been here since 2004)
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Client Testimonials

“With no background in our industry ESimplified translated our ideas into an exceptional finished product. We were difficult to work but they persevered without complaint. If you need web design - call them!

Air Exchange

“ My sincere gratitude to the ESimplified Team for creating the most beautiful website for my business. As a ballet teacher for over 55 years, but knowing nothing about computers or websites, I am elated at the outstanding job you have done. I highly recommend your company to everyone. Thank you for your professionalism, promptness, attention to detail, courtesy and something which is rare today"The personal touch.”

Art of Dance

“You guys have done a remarkably outstanding job on this entire project. It is difficult to express to you how pleased we are. Thank you for your insights, input, knowledge, skill, patience, follow-through and feedback. You and your team have pretty much redefined, by action, dedicated web professionalism and for that, we thank you.”


“We are so grateful for the incredible work that ESimplified has done on our new website! Their team was extraordinarily helpful every step of the way and very flexible and attentive to our needs throughout the process. They captured our ideas for the website perfectly, and creatively improved upon them. Their customer service was exceptional and we look forward to using our new website! Thank you ESimplified!.”

Esther Crockett

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