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6 Reasons Why Your Company Will Grow From Blogging

How (and why) to Start Blogging for Your Business and Stick to It

If you thought that blogging was only for artists to share their work and thoughts online, think again. Blogs are not used as personal diaries anymore. It has become an official channel, through which a company can communicate valuable information.

A Blog’s Purpose is to:

  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Direct the audience through the preferred sales funnel
  • Provide fresh information on the website (on a regular basis)

But How Can a Blog Help My Business?

Search engines LOVE to rank fresh, relevant content higher than stagnant websites. You may have a fantastic design, but it means nothing if you do not rank well on Google, Yahoo and the other search engines. Being in front of your customers online is crucial. If you don’t pay attention to your SEO, your competitor will. And he will not even say sorry when he takes YOUR potential clients.

  • Earn Recurring Customers Faster

Businesses who blog are 13x more likely to reach a positive ROI, than those who do not. People trust content more than they trust ads. If they find that your company takes the effort to educate its customers about not just their products/services but other topics, as well, customers will have more confidence in purchasing from you. It gives you an easy way to earn recurring customers. If you are diligent and genuine within your content, you could even earn powerful advocates to your brand.website design

  • Become Known for Knowledge & Customer Service

A company that is known for its customer service will definitely be able to offer a convenient, passive selling point on its own. You have the power to establish that by addressing your customers’ most frequently asked questions through interesting blog articles. You will also be able to broadcast these posts to a greater online audience through social media.

  • Get Free PR

You don’t need to rely on various media sources to MAYBE include your company in their next issue. You have your own avenue for that through your blog. You can actually turn the tables: as you grow, journalists might be contacting you for tips and knowledge in the future.

  • Treat It as a  Long Term Asset

Blog posts can stay up on your blog for years. Every (quality and relevant) blog post you create could help you get future sales.

  • Understand Your Customers

You don’t need to spend crazy amounts of money on surveys. Just check your blog’s analytics area to see what your audience is made of.

So How Do I Get Started with Blogging?
We found this incredibly useful presentation by HubSpot. It gives you a ton of information on how you can get started. Use these tips from the start to make the most out of your blogging venture. Good luck!

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