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Forbes: Top 3 Online Marketing Trends 2016

Forbes has published its Top 7 online marketing trends list for 2016, and the results are very interesting. I don’t know about you, but everytime I need to write the date in full, I often find myself still crossing out an erroneously written “2015” — forget about getting my mind around the fact that we are halfway through 2016, I still often can’t really fathom that it is 2015…err, 2016!
Time is really flying and the online marketing community has really been zooming by as we continue to evolve with technology at a crazy pace.
Anyways, without further ado, here is the top 3 takeaway from Forbes list of online marketing trends for 2016.
3. App Marketing
The use of apps is growing at an exponential rate. So much that users are engaging with apps more than they are on regular websites. Many businesses that are making waves, even start-ups, are those who recognize the popularity of apps and are taking advantage of it by staying at their consumer’s fingers at all times.
2. Personalization
Once upon a time, being a “start-up” was something kind of new and unique. It still is, only that there are quite a lot more of these start-ups starting up. As the old adage says, “content is king”, however where a lot of businesses are putting forth the kind of content that seems on-par with the rest of its industry, there is an urgent need for greater personalization in this kind of content. With the growing trend of social media, for example, the ability to cater to an audience with a stronger and more interactive engagement is very important to success of businesses.
1. Wearable and Mobile Marketing
We’ve told you time and again how important being mobile-friendly is for your businesses. We stress it again this time with the support of Forbes. Everyone is simply always on their phones, and everyone who does any kind of marketing knows that it’s in their best interest to market to the mobile-using community. Google and Facebook are putting emphasis on mobile interfaces. Facebook has recently just reconfigured the format of Facebook Business Pages so that they are viewed much more optimally on mobiles.
Along with mobile phones are other mobile gadgets, specifically wearable devices. Because these are always popular with mainstream public, as seen with the growing trends of FitBit wearers, it makes a lot of sense to market to this community, which will in time no longer be a niche.
These might not seem such a great surprise, and they shouldn’t be simply as they are, afterall, growing trends. The thing to keep in mind is that these are important factors in a business strategy.
If you would like to read the full Top 7 list from Forbes, you can read it here.
Courtesy: Jayson DeMers, Forbes Contributor
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