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"I would like a basic website"

You decided that it was time for your company to go to the next level and get a website. Fantastic! Now the million-dollar question: what should it look like? What features should you add?
There are a lot of options to consider, many which are closely related to your industry standards that you cannot skip.
However, many business owners decide that all they need is a “basic” website. Which is fine, not all websites need to come with bells and whistles.  But there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

What Are You Trying to Achieve with a New Website?

  • Is your existing clientele tired of your old-school looking website?

first piece design

Every design starts with the first piece…

One of our clients originally came to us saying that his clients keep calling him because all he has on his website is a phone number and a name. And one picture. And that they are complaining that they wanted to see more. He quite possibly has lost a few prospects because of this.
Our advice is to take a short, casual survey amongst your clients. What is it that they collectively wish you had on your website? Your interest in their preferences will strengthen your relationship with them. Once they see that you kept your promise and added those much-needed features on your website, they will love you even more.

  • Are you trying to appeal to new clients?

This is very important. New prospects have no idea who you are. You have to show them that YOU are the perfect person/company for the job. You cannot get a second chance for a first impression. What if your prospect had a more complex job on hand and then seeing your website, he decides that you do not seem like a capable company? Little does he know, that you just wanted a “basic” website!

 “You cannot get a second chance for a first impression.”

Did you start your company thinking that you just want a “basic” business? Or did you invest some time, money and energy in it? If your answer was yes, then why would you think any less of your website?

 Your Website Deserves More Than “Basic”

You have to remember that this website will represent your company for many years to come. Getting a website takes time as you have to go back and forth with the developers to reach a desired look. So it only makes sense to invest your time in it now and get a fully functioning, full-serving website now and grow your business more rapidly from there.
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