Drumming Up Business Through Local SEO

“We’re drumming up business”—We’ve heard and likely used the phrase often and repeatedly. But when you really think about it, what does it really mean?
Drumming up a business is a phrase that goes back to American Civil War times when traveling salesmen would carry their wares in a wooden container often covered with leather. At that time, as you can imagine, there was a lot of actual physical labour involved in selling your wares—walking miles on foot to find someone who would want to buy what you’re selling.  In order to make themselves visible, these salesmen would drum on their leather-topped box of wares, effectively announcing their arrival.
In this manner, they were able to reach the prospects that they had yet not seen, perhaps beyond the next hill, perhaps farther off the road in cottages in the woods. Similarly, they were able to expand their consumer reach with this simple marketing technique of “drumming”, hence the phrase “drumming up business”. People would hear them approaching from miles away, even before they could hear their actual voices identifying themselves and their wares, and the beats of their marketing drum would allow people to locate the salesman and save him time and effort by approaching him for a transaction.
Cut to today: everything has become digitalized.  But the need for drumming up business is as imperative and essential, maybe even more as we’ve become such capitalist societies where almost every social interaction somehow involves a transaction. We start our days by grabbing a cup of coffee from a shop on the way to work and look up the daily menus at local food businesses near our office as the lunch hour approaches. If we want to meet up with friends, we want to meet for dinner at so and so restaurant, or grab a drink after work at this bar because its conveniently located between both our offices. Even shopping for groceries has involved going online and checking out e-fliers for what specials are on.
local seo for drumming up your business blog post by esimplified web design and development agencyThe thing is, today, salesmen rarely physically beat their box of wares in order to garner attention. But the principle is exactly what underlines the strategems of online marketing solutions. This involves  a plethora of tools and strategies; you’ll have heard of SEO for example, or SEM—in both abbreviations the emphasis is on search engines.
For all businesses, big or small, our client base is all online. They are grabbing their phones to find us. This is why search engines matter: you want Google or Bing or Yahoo to like you, so that they suggest you right off the bat—and not your competitor—when people search for the services that you offer.
This is where online visibility through digital marketing techniques helps you in drumming up business. Local SEO is an important term for you if you are serious about your business. What these techniques do is create vibrations along the internet to announce your presence, much like beating your ware box like a drum. Every time you implement a particular aspect of local SEO, you are effectively creating a drumbeat that will echo along the online landscape. When you make a voice for yourself through local SEO, you are calling to the people—your consumers, leads and potential clients—and drawing them to your wares. Your wares could be a number of things such as not only products but services as well. What local SEO does for you is save you time from trying to locate and approach one prospect at a time.

At ESimplified, we offer a number of our Local SEO packages to help entrepreneurs drum up business. I could list them here, but really, each strategy ideally molds to your business profile. We believe that since every business—each and every one of our clients—approaches us to help them demonstrate how they are unique and basically #1, likewise every digital marketing strategy will be unique to the client. You will consider, for example, integrating your business with social media—how engagement with your prospects will help convert them into clients, and utilizing paid internet marketing techniques to promote your business through a number of platforms so that you are found through essential keywords of the industry.
Because we have had more than a decade of experience in market research, digital strategizing, and actually helping businesses achieve success, we can call ourselves experts in the field of drumming up business. We know how to create drumbeats so that your business is heard and seen and more importantly, wanted. With our assistance in implementing the right digital marketing strategies, your business becomes known as an established brand and will precede your every call to action so that your prospects start coming to you before you even know they’re looking for you. Call us to start drumming up business today.
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