Case Study: Extoggery

Extoggery is a popular consignment store located in the heart of Toronto. When the company went through a management change, we were approached for a new, chic online appearance. They inteded to use the website as the go-to information source for their customers, along with a pleasing design. We were excited to get started on setting up a cool design and write an effective content for them.

Problems with the old website:



  • Client was not happy with the bare design they had
  • They wanted to get a modern, parallax design to refresh their look
  • Website was not mobile-friendly
  • There was no way to track how many visitors they received
  • Client found it very difficult to make updates (which were necessary every 3-4 months)
  • Client felt limited with their existing website

website before after


1. Integrate the Right Design
Client wanted to see designs that will not only reflect their fashion industry statements but also showcase their knowledgebase for consignments. We were able to integrate a design that Client loved right away. This design was able to live up to Client’s other expectations, as well:

  • Parallax (one-page scroller) design
  • Fresh look
  • User-friendly layout
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Room for content
  • Room for impressive fashion-oriented images
  • A straight-forward Contact us area

 2. Make Maintenance Easy
We recommended a WordPress system for Client, as it is one of the most a reliable and easy-to-maintain systems online. We did the following actions to make it happen:

  • Integrated a WordPress CMS
  • Provided a FREE training upon completion of development

3. Start Tracking Visitors
Successfully growing a business can’t happen without tracking the amount of people visiting the website. Implementing Google Analytics is a simple way to understand a website’s value and see which marketing efforts work the best. This is why we included the integration of Google Analytics in our best practices when it comes to launching or revamping a website. We did the following actions to make it happen:

  • Integrated a Google Analytics tracking code in Client’s website
  • Developed a regular reporting schedule to inform Client of the latest trends on their website





Website traffic – Client saw 44% increase in their website traffic since its launch
Store traffic – Client is receiving more traffic in the store (the website was done timely, ready for the season)
Content – Client is happy that they are able to maintain the content on their website with ease. The time saved here can now be spent elsewhere to expand the business.

  • We also provided some content writing for Extoggery’s new website. Client felt that their previous content was disorganized and lengthy. But they still wanted to display as much fundamental information about their consignment store as possible. Today, they often refer customers to the website for further info.
  • We customized the design while keeping their brand in mind
  • Client also requested a logo redesign from our team, as they had no access to the original logo file anymore. Based on their requirements, we created three logo designs. We were able to channel the original font in one of the mock-ups which was favoured by the Client in the end.


“I am more than pleased with the service I received from Esimplified. Adrienn was courteous, efficient and professional throughout the entire process of building my new website. I am thrilled with the finished product and will definitely seeking Esimplified services in the future.”

Visit Extoggery’s Website


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