About The Project

Our educational programming has evolved a great deal. We started out many years ago running financial literacy programs in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but have grown into an organization that runs a multitude of programs across many subjects, for both children and adults. And while we remain a leader in on-site, in-person school programming, we have seamlessly evolved into the digital and online space for all ages as well.

Interactive Features


  • Responsive layout design
  • Role wise pages
  • Bootstrap layout
  • SEO Friendly inplemantation


  • Multiple Login
  • Online course registration with payment
  • Multiple Payment option
  • Custom Plug-in for Courses and Digital Program
  • Instructor Payroll
  • Clone for Courses and Digital Program
  • Google Calendar Integration(API )
  • Google geo location for check login area. (API )

Technology Features

Technical Specs

  • Wordpress
  • MySql
  • Sendgrind API
  • Google Geo Location API
  • Google Calendar API


  • PSI Gate Payment Gateway
  • Sendgrind API
  • Google API

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