Who Is Cold Calling Anyways?

1998 Wants Its Cold Calling Back

We receive an automated phone call from a certain airline company on a weekly basis.
Although, it’s nice to feel wanted, we usually hang up the phone after we hear the usual “Congratulations, X Airline Company found you eligible for…”. Nobody likes to be interrupted with unsolicited promotion that you never signed up for. Nowadays, people are rather suspicious of incoming cold calls. How can one really know which of these businesses are legit, anyways?
They keep calling us and we keep hanging up, even though, we may never find out what we are eligible for.
If you want to appear as a professional, up-to-date company, avoid cold calling like fire. Because why should we chase prospects who never really qualified for our business? Why not grab the attention of interested candidates at the right time?

Inbound is the Name of the Game

This is a smart era with smart phones, smart watches and smart customers who will see through you in an instant. When our clients ask us what a good, long-term online marketing strategy is, we usually direct them to inbound marketing. But what is it exactly?
We love this slideshare, created by HubSpot. It is the perfect introduction to inbound marketing for any business. What do you think?

Top image credit (CC-BY 2.0): Clemson