What is the value of using correct “fonts” in website design?

There is value in learning about font psychology, which when done properly can help manage how the content on the website is viewed by the users. Fonts are often overlooked in comparison to images, color themes or layouts when trying to create feelings in the audience but as research shows they can have a huge impact on the audience’s emotional response. It is well known how people have certain feelings, emotions, and associations when they see certain colors but what many don’t realize is that there is a similar response to typefaces and fonts.

Proper selection of fonts can help drive design decisions and control how the design is perceived by the users. In studies done, it was found how personality traits connect with a variety of fonts. As an example users who prefer serif fonts like Times New Roman or Georgia were found consistently to have traits of being stable, mature and practical.

Along with color, the way  typography is used on the website is a key element that can determine the success – or failure – of the site. Just  having engrossing copy on your website isn’t enough. It needs to be presented in a way that fits with the brand style, engages with the audience, and enhances their experience.