K-Elevator Esimplified Design New Website Launch Blog Post

Website Launch: K-Elevator

We are pleased to announce this week’s website launch: www.k-elevator.com.
K-Elevator specialize in custom designing interiors for elevators. They are the professionals to go to for beautifully designed spaces within elevators.  I don’t know about you, but there’s been countless times when I’ve been put off by a really old, dark and dank elevator. And our client recognizes this. There’s a very real psychological impact involved in elevators. The very vehicle that carries people to your actual location is also very important to the interaction you will have with them when you actually meet.
Because our client recognizes the importance of this principle in their own business profile, they recognize the need for their own website to be just as professionally designed.
K-Elevator Esimplified Design New Website Launch Blog Post
Websites are much like elevators in that they convey people toward an end location or goal. When people enter your website, the user experience will affect how they approach your business—if they approach your business—for services. I say “if” because obviously, if they are put off by a cramped and not-so-appealing space, they’re likely to turn right around and leave. You don’t want that.
K-Elevator first approached us in 2008 to build their website. As technology evolved, much of the inner workings of the internet—and the outer workings; i.e. the explosion of mobile devices—created a need for upgrading their website.
Our client understood this need for rebuilding their website so that it became mobile-friendly. We went through the benefits of being mobile-friendly, in our last blog launch post here.
From K-Elevator’s ‘About Us’ section, they state: “The ideal experience … should be pleasant and comfortable. Passengers should feel a sense of security and serenity travel inside a beautifully designed cab.”  This aligns very well with our philosophy at ESimplified with respect to the user experience on websites.
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