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Website Launch: Freedom Cleaning Services

This week’s website launch is

Freedom Cleaning Services had been in operation for a very long time: 20 years. Because they recognize the importance of a well-organized space through their own services, the client approached us for a strong website design that would also demonstrate their high-efficiency and cleanliness.
We were first retained  to do work for the client in 2014. This was at a time when it was very important to have a website, yet mobilization of the internet was not yet deemed critical. We accordingly developed a website to their specifications and soon realized that having a mobile-friendly interface was becoming increasingly crucial.  Last August, we took in hand again and gave their website a grand revamping! The website was optimized so that all elements were not only search engine friendly but also optimized for mobile searches.
In case you have not yet been made aware of the implications of mobile-friendliness, it is time you know. This website launch focuses on one very important element: mobile-friendliness. When searchers—your customers, potential clients, the general public—want to search for a particular service or business, they go on their phones and make a quick search.  Statistics are sprouting everywhere we look: the number of people  making online searches through their smartphones or other mobile gadgets is increasing. In fact, Google says it’s way more than 50%.

2 Ways Mobile-Friendliness directly impacts your business:

1. Websites that are not mobile-friendly are penalized by search engines in favour of websites that are mobile-friendly. What this means is that on mobile search results, websites that are optimized for mobiles (most likely your competition) are shown before those websites that are not.
2. If searchers do land on your website, and it is not optimized for mobiles, this means that what they see is a shrunken version of your site which would be unreadable and the links would be much too small to click on. Mobile searchers don’t stay on websites that are not visually appealing, and quickly leave before even connecting to what you have to offer.
We cannot emphasize how important being up-to-date with current technological requirements is. The internet continues to evolve and exponentially, meaning that even within another year (or even a few months!) things might change again.
If you’d like to revamp your website, or make sure that your business is optimized for current specifications, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.
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