Website Launch: Real Estate Lead Sources

We are excited to announce a new website launch: Real Estate Lead Sources (RELS) at
We usually play the humble card, but sometimes you can’t help it: we are really proud of this one, guys.
RELS specialize in generating and providing leads for professionals in the real estate market. As with any business, leads are usually a priority resource, and more than ever with the real estate market.  
Our client required something that was simple, sleek and gave a metro-savvy feel. And because that’s just what we are really good at, that’s where ESimplified comes in. The website provides a dynamic and responsive interface that allows the viewers to move with ease and access and understand the content with little effort. And because our client wanted to present their services in a number of options this provided an easy frame for this very purpose, giving the viewer an enjoyable, clean atmosphere something akin to online shopping and yet, a bit more sophisticated and professional. 
If you’re looking at updating or even building a new website, we encourage you to go on and take a look—then give us a call.  905-492-2356
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