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Website Design Launch: CS Direkt

This week’s website design launch is

CS Direkt is an accredited event management agency with an expansive global network across 16 countries. They approached us as they knew of our work and were confident we would deliver exactly what they wanted. The team at CS Direkt were very clear about what they wanted for their website design. Appearance-wise, they wanted the website to reflect their professional aspect, more so as they are leaders in their industry.

CS Direkt Website Design Launch

As an event management agency, their currency is people: bringing people together to emphasize engagement and awareness—meaning that the visual sense was a priority. As a result, the website incorporates a lot of images and videos to reflect their large range of projects.  Our team dedicated a lot of time and effort in carefully constructing this website. As there were lots of images, we had to ensure that the website’s loading speed was also not impacted. At times this was a challenging project, but we relish challenges as we know we are more than capable to handling them.

The client has received a lot of great feedback since launching their website. As a result, they too are very happy with our work and as always, we truly look forward to working together again in the future.