Case Study : Humphrey Automation

About Humphrey Automation

Humphrey Automation is a small company located in Markham, ON. It supplies pneumatic products to a large distribution network across Canada. Humphrey Automation has been in business for over 30 years.

Humphrey Automation’s Needs

Humphrey Automation sells 10,000 pneumatic products. Customers used to call the company to find out not only whether a particular product was in stock, but to learn about the product’s specifications. Debra Regis, administrator and accounting manager, explained that process could take hours. Dealing with such customer phone calls meant that employees could not get other work done, making the process highly inefficient.
The firm decided that it needed a way to store and display all of its product information online. Regis noted that no web design firm was willing to take on this complex and intricate project, except for ESimplified.


ESimplified’s Solution

ESimplified created an online repository for Humphrey Automation’s product listings. To access product listings, visitors to the site can choose from one of four product categories. Each product category has its own dropdown menu of more specific product categories. This webdesign feature makes it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.
Each product listing also has a link to a PDF of technical specifications, giving the customer all of the information he or she needs to make the right decision.

ESimplified’s Customer Service

What impressed Regis the most about ESimplified was its commitment to customer service. “They always work with you,” she said. “They always have a positive attitude. It was always great working with them.”
Regis noted that Humphrey Automation is in a niche industry. Most people are unfamiliar with pneumatic products. However, that wasn’t a barrier for ESimplified. “They took the time to understand our unique business needs,” Regis said. And whatever Regis and her colleagues at Humphrey Automation envisioned for their website, ESimplified’s staff made it come to life.
“It was a breath of fresh air,” Regis declared. “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ESimplified.”

How Humphrey Automation Benefited from ESimplfied’s Services

Since Humphrey Automation launched its online repository of product listings and specification sheets, Regis and her colleagues have seen business improve significantly.
Aside from the increase in revenue, Regis finds that the website enables Humphrey Automation to operate more efficiently. Customers no longer need to call the company to find out whether it stocks a specific product, and they won’t spend hours on the phone learning more about that product’s specifications. The website saves time for Humphrey Automation’s customers as well as for its employees, who have more time to complete their work.
Regis also believes that the website positions Humphrey Automation as an industry leader. The online repository is a vital resource for people in the pneumatic products industry, so when they are looking for information, Humphrey Automation is the first place they turn.