Web Design Launch of the Week: Gemini Aviation

Whooosh! We have just launched a new website for Gemini Aviation, an industry leader in supply chain solutions.

Project Overview

Client: Gemini Aviation
Web Design: Customized WordPress template
gemini aviation wordpress website

Website Case Study

Gemini Aviation offers supply chain solutions for the aerospace industry. In order to convey a professional and clean and modern brand image, they have decided to get a website that was fresh, light and “airy”.
1. Type of Project: New website
2. Purpose of Website:

  • Put Gemini Aviation on the map
  • Gain a professional, well-established image
  • Provide a feature for clientele to order parts
  • Stand out of the competition

3. Client Requirements:

  • Light but sleak design that fits into the aviation industry
  • Extensive information about the company
  • Parts ordering
  • Easy maintenance

4. Technical Features:

  • WordPress template with customizations
  • Part ordering form
  • Built-in Google Map

5. Result:
The Client has received a solid, professional looking website that seamlessly fits into industry expectations but stands out by its distinctive elegance and strong brand image. With a unique gTLD at the end of the domain name, such as .aero, Gemini Aviation will certainly be a memorable company amongst its competition.


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