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Upcycling Your Website: Getting High-Quality Results

Upcyling. You may have heard of this term a little more often in the last year or so.  Indeed, it came into my horizon on Twitter as one of my favourite authors, Marian Keyes, became very enthusiastic about upcycling old furniture in what she personally branded as “banjoing”, tweeting updates with pictures of her artistic process. It seemed fun.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines “upcycle” as “to reuse (waste material) to create a product of higher quality or value than the original, and to reduce the need for new raw materials in production; (more generally) to repurpose, renovate, or improve (an old or unwanted item) to make something more attractive, valuable, etc.”
Many websites I come across seem to need a good dose of upcycling. Often there are already some elements that are worthy, some great content, even some snazzy images. But often, on the whole, the entire website itself needs to be repurposed.
website design is so much more than what your website looks like -- website design blog post by Esimplified IncWhen we speak to business owners who do have an existing website, one of the walls of resistance that come up is exactly the fact that they already have a website. But having a website is just one step. A baby step almost, in the grand scheme of things.  This is something we can never stress enough: (repeat after me) website design is so much more than what your website looks like.  There are a lot of technical elements to building a strong website, such as making your website search engine optimized,  just to name an example.
Don’t get me wrong. Appearance is a huge element. First impressions matter, etc. You don’t want your potential consumers to reach your website and be turned off by a bad design.  Sometimes, even a website’s appearance really needs a good dose of refurbishment.
Upcycling your website involves many layers of improvement, from giving your website a fresh look, to fixing the squeaky bits, to rearranging and even adding new supporting elements. A website is not a static or stagnant aspect of your business, it is ever evolving, fluid, shifting…dynamic.
Your website an ambassador of your business: it must reflect exactly what your brand image is. And you want your business to be dynamic and fluid, because that’s a positive sign of growth and expansion.
When you want to change the colour of this, or the text of that, upcycling is as simple as DIY. That’s something you can handle, no sweat. But when you really want to recreate a high-quality website and reduce the need for extensive time and effort, that’s when you turn to the experts at ESimplified to give you a hand.
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