Increase Organic Traffic With Content Marketing

You are seeing a decent amount of organic traffic coming to your website yet you also see room for improvement. Improving organic traffic to your website can be challenging however, if you apply the proper SEO strategies, your hard work will eventually pay off. Here’s how you can dramatically increase your website’s organic traffic with content development.
1.Find Relevant Keywords
Search engines require one major concept – content with relevant keywords. Ranking high on search engines is based on how relevant your keywords are to the search queries entered by the online user. And consequently, online users will type in words relevant to your business. Long tail keywords are the perfect way to arrange the body of your content as well as using them as headings and subheadings as well. There are many tools available online to check the relevancy of your topic, such as Google Trends – which will show you data related to the latest trends. This will ensure you picking a topic to write about people would love to read!
2.Write Your Impressive Content with Shareability in Mind
Now that you’ve gotten an idea as to what type of content you should write about, based on all the research you’ve done with keywords and what’s trending, you should be able to come up with killer content that your readers will love!
Online users use search engines to try and find solutions to a problem they’re having. By creating content that will provide answers to questions, solutions to problems. Some examples of shareable content are
3.Offer guidance
Whether it’s how to change the tire of a car or how to fix a leaky tap, you’ll be writing content that provides a practical solution to the user’s problem
4. Add Statistics
The online world is filled with statistics and figures that help online users in their decision making. Adding insightful statistics relevant to your business help prove your points in your content add more perspective to the topic and provide more of an authority and truthfulness to the content as well.
5.Make It More Visual
The human mind reacts differently to images than it does to text. Everyone likes to see nice pictures. Professional, modern looking websites can immediately build trust and form a good impression of your brand. If you run an online store, make sure you have different angles of your products so the online user has a good idea about the product he is about to purchase.