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How to Get A Website 2x Faster

5 Tips to Speed Up the Web Design Process from the Start

High quality websites usually need some time to get developed and set up. Even if you just need a smaller site, if you write down your needs ahead of time, you will have to wait much less to the launch date.
Below you will see a few things that we always ask clients who approach us for a new website. If you go through them now, you will save a good amount of time when it comes to approaching a web design agency.

1. How many pages do I want?

Nowadays, even small sites start with at least 4-5 pages. This can include: Home page, About page, Services page, Testimonial/Gallery Page and Contact page. If you are a bigger company, you will probably need more pages to professionally showcase your business.

2. Do I want custom or template?

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Photo credit: Pen Waggener on Flickr. CC-BY 2.0

Custom designed websites are made specifically for you and therefore help you stand out from your competition by showing off your unique qualities. Template or pre-made website designs are an excellent choice if you are just starting out.

3. Do I want to have access to the website?

There are various platforms, such as WordPress that lets you make changes to your content through a multi-user login interface. If you are too busy to update your website yourself, don’t worry, as most web design companies offer maintenance service, as well.

4. What other websites do I like?

Take a look at websites within your industry by typing “top (your industry name here) industry web designs”. This way you will see what is currently expected from your business on the market. Collect a couple of designs that you liked and present them to your development team so that they understand what your preferences are.

5. What content am I going to use on the website?

Websites need content, both text and images. Go through your answers to the first question and write the content for your pages ahead of time. You can also hire a copywriter to do it for you.
When it comes to images displayed on your website, please note that downloading images from Google and putting them on your website may violate someone’s copyright. It’s always best to go through stockphoto sites where you can purchase high quality images for as low as $1. We recommend PhotoDune.
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