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Are You Getting Results From Your Website?

You have a website but you’re not getting results. Sound familiar? This is something we hear (and to be honest, expect) on a daily basis. Building a website is a crucial part of building your business—but it’s only a first step.  What often gets lost in translation, or often not understood, is that there is a lot of work that must continually go on behind the scenes of your website for the numbers to really start reaching the bank.  Sure, once you get the website up the magic does begin, but after some time you start noticing that Google doesn’t really like you anymore, and as more time passes, your website may even start costing you.
PREVENTION BEFORE THE CURE  (or else an post-diagnostic operation requiring expert ninja reflexes)
The secret recipe is in SEO and online marketing: using and implementing the right techniques that will give you and your website visibility, so that when people go online and do a Google search, YOU are right there in their face, and what do you know—you’ve got just what they have been looking for.
You might have had the same services or same products offered but were hidden away on, say, page 5 of Google.  How do you get to page 1?
That’s where ESimplified comes in. We take the time to learn about your business and the services you have to offer, and as experts in online marketing we apply our expertise to fine-tune your website with the techniques that will get you results. Just like you go to a surgeon to perform that delicate operation because that particular doctor is an expert in that field, you wouldn’t take the scalpel in hand yourself, right?
Whether your website is fresh or ailing, there is no time like now to get your business e-optimized. So give us a call at ESimplified.
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