website design launch ucsh by esimplified website design

Website Launch: Upper Canada Specialty Hardware

We present to you this week’s website launch: Our client, Upper Canada Specialty Hardware (UCSH) is a retail showroom that’s been around for almost 30 years.
UCSH had a very basic website prior to our business relationship, and this was not working out for them. We were enlisted to create a brand new website. Because of the nature of their business—distributors of  hardware and appliances—the clients required a customized website design on WordPress so that they would be able to manage the content on their site themselves.
The site, as is indicated in the website url, showcases their suppliers’ products in a comprehensive and searchable interface. UCSH is a multiple-location business and having a website that facilitates the presentation of their products for consumers to search and browse is important to their business operation. Because they have quite a number of suppliers and products, this allows the consumer to see what is offered at ease whilst UCSH increases operating efficiency, maximizing the selling potential of their products.
This was (as is usual) a very smooth project with an amiable working relationship—and it continues, as we are working on another forthcoming website  for them. This is due to be released soon, so stay tuned!