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Why Time is of Essence in Online Marketing

You would think that it’s obvious. Time is always of essence, isn’t it? But when we consult with our clients at the very initial stages when determining how best to design their online marketing strategy, one statement we hear is, “We’d like to put this off for another month, see how our business goes.”
Pop!— that is the sound of the bright light bulb of opportunity bursting. Why? Because like almost anything time is a very important criteria in business marketing. You know the age old saying: time is money. And that’s just the one thing that we need to address here.
Of course time is money—but when you think that you are saving money by putting off ‘additional’ spending on internet marketing or having a website built, you are actually losing money. Yes, it is true.
Think of it like opening a new store, hiring a great team of wonderful individuals, setting up the displays to showcase your gorgeous, amazing products. Then you wait for your clients. But your door is locked.
Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Of course that’s not a literal comparison, but when you are not taking advantage of the benefits of digital solutions in what is universally accepted now as a digitalized world, you are just as effectively locking that door to potential clients.
And while that door is locked, remember, the clock is ticking: you are still paying rent for that new store location, you are paying salaries for each of your employees, your stock, well I don’t know about you, but it just makes no sense to not start promoting your business through effective online solutions.
Effective is the operative term here. Online marketing solutions prove to be both time-effective and cost-effective.  When you put off taking that incredible step to implementing these digital strategies, you are sitting adrift in a fishing boat and not pulling in any fish.
Using flyers, mailers and coupons in envelopes are not as effective today but still costs a lot. There is a reason why everyone calls it “junk mail”, right? On the other hand, digital marketing gives your business higher visibility, allows you to promote your services or products to a bigger audience, and results in an increase in sales/leads for your product or services—a solid return on investment.
Because that is what it comes down to. Digital marketing costs money too, but at the end of the day, it brings you a lot more business. A year ago, we wrote this case study where one client saw an increase of 44% in traffic within months of their new website launch and were seeing much more visitors to their physical store location.
The other element in time-effectiveness is that online marketing accelerates with time, with each hour or day, the number of people that are impacted grows. Online visibility of your business and the consumer reach grows. Growth is good. When you put off digital strategies, you are simply putting off experiencing the benefits of them. Meanwhile, your competition is pushing forward and edging you out of the race as they attract consumers searching through the very medium that online marketing targets. Quite simply you aren’t serious about your business if you are not using internet marketing.
Be serious, unlock that door to a steady stream of business, get those fish in. Have a talk with our consultants and learn what your options are.