Analyze your website traffic

Web analytics is the collection, analysis, and reporting of web data to understand your website traffic. This data will help to understand where website users come from (referral sources), and which pages are being visited the most.
Why are website analytics important?

  • Help understand the user experience while they interact with the site ( bounce rate)
  • Analytics can provide additional data such as how long a visitor is staying on your pages.
  • Understand the device types (phones, tablets, desktops etc)  used for browsing the site
  • Analyze how users are ‘finding’ your website, what are the acquisition channels? Some of these channels are social media platforms,  paid marketing or search engines and may more
  • Understand user behavior as they navigate the site..the entry and exit points
  • One can set goals and view the cost of acquisition per lead or client

Apart from this, web analytics also help in helping to know what exactly your potential customers are looking for, know exactly where your visitors are from, that is, the geographical location and helps you to cater to their needs specifically, know exactly why and where you are losing customers and helps you identify your prospects and further the growth of your website.