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Why Add Email Marketing to Your Online Strategy

Email marketing is one of the best tools out there today. Whether you are a B2C or a B2B small business, you can take advantage of email marketing equally.

Benefits of Email Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

  • Better conversion rates (especially if you personalize them): Relevant emails get 18x more revenue for a company than broadcast emails (source)
  • Privacy: You reach your prospect in the privacy of his/her mailbox
  • Undivided attention: No annoying pop-ups will disturb the user while reading emails
  • Segmentation: You can segment your email list and send emails personalized by groups
  • Automation: Automate the first email for new prospects
  • Upsell and cross-sell: People who have already purchased from you are more likely to do it again
  • Opt-in guarantee: with the new CASL regulations in place, you have more qualified leads in your mailing lists (e.g.: if someone double opts in to your mailing list, you can be sure that he/she WANTS to be on your list & hear from you)


Email Marketing Statistics 2015

Highly recommended read for any business owner who is looking to get more sales and leads.

email marketing mobile

Most people open their emails on Apple products (Image credit: Julian Biddle on Flickr CC-BY-SA 2.0)

Where do people open their emails?
48% – Mobile — Mobile opens have increased by 500% in just 4 years and it is expected to grow even more
30% – Webmail
22% – Desktop
Conclusion: Ensure that your emails are easy to read on mobile and conversion optimized.
Mobile Platform Opens
28% – Apple iPhone
13% – Apple iPad
7% – Android
Conclusion: Apple has a definite marketshare. Ensure that your emails are easy to read on Apple products before sending them.
Top 3 Uses of Email
#1 – Newsletters
#2 – Promotional Content
#3 – Welcome series emails
 Conclusion: Overall, email has a unique power which you can use to reach your prospects and turn them into customers. The sooner you start collecting their emails, the more possible leads you can accumulate.

SmartInsights – Email Marketing Statistics 2015
Pardot – 2015 Email Marketing Landscape
Top Featured image credit: Horia Varlan on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


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