9 Secrets to a great Mobile App design?

Mobile apps are a very important part of our everyday life.We use them to stay informed, to connect with our friends and family, and for entertainment.But not all apps are created alike. Some rise to long-lasting success and become staples on everyone’s smartphones, while others never quite take off with users. But what sets them apart?
The difference between a good app design and a poor one is usually the quality of its user experience. Fast loading times, ease of use, and overall customer satisfaction during an interaction should be integral parts of your design. Users should be able to navigate your application without needing to think. If they can instinctively figure out the design, they’ll continue to use your application again and again.

  • Make it Easy to use. A well-thought-out UI & UX
  • Make the navigation of your app predictable.
  • Consistency in designing icons and layouts
  • Follow the 3-click rule. Users should be able to access any part of your app in less than three clicks.
  • Simple individual screens. Don’t make the screens to be overwhelming.
  • Minimize input and commitment from the user. Minimize the need for typing
  • Offer quick access to service desk/help
  • Stable, reliable workflow
  • Follow the basic laws of app navigation. Don’t make up your own language for example keeping ”X” on the top right as most users understand it to close the current application.

The best web designers are consistent and conventional. Some minor improvements can dramatically impact how well the app is used and recommended by the users.