5 Essential Things to Keep in Mind About CASL

The Canadian Anti-Spam Law is taking effect on July 1st, affecting more than just your usual illegitimate spambots. This anti-spam law that they say is one of the strictest in the world will be applicable for all businesses that wish to conduct their marketing or sales efforts through electronic messages.
Imagine the sweet pizzeria on the corner of your street that will not be able to contact potential business partners to expand. Of course, there are other means of conducting business but many fear that as soon as the Canadian Anti-Spam Law officially launches, your sweet mom-and-pop will be the one suffering.

5 Essential Things to Keep in Mind About CASL: casl-no spam legislation

What is it about?
From July 1st, you or you on behalf of your company are not allowed to electronically contact any individual or company with a commercial intent (eg. sell, promote, pitch products or services).
What forms of communication are included?
All Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs): emails, text messages, direct social media messages (eg. private message, mention or reply).
How can I find a way to electronically contact people AND comply with CASL?
There are 3 conditions you must adhere to:

  1. Get your recipient’s consent first (in writing or orally).
  2. Provide identification information about yourself or the company within the email you are sending.
  3. Provide a clear “unsubscribe” option.

What about existing partners?
You have to get their consent again, preferably before July 1st. You may still be able to send them CEMs for 3 years afterwards if they fall into the category of business partners with “implied consent”.
What if I can’t be bothered with these rules?
Penalties for not being compliant can go up to $10 million dollars for companies and $1 million for individuals.
What have YOU done today to become compliant with the new rules? Leave a comment below!
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