Today, if you want to find out what's trending, you follow the hashtag (#). Studies indicate that Canadian consumers are "digitally inclined" and therefore more motivated to engage with businesses on social networks. Pop culture is a dominating factor on Twitter, drawing more users hourly, and Twitter users are already in a mindset to engage and follow many business brands.

Get The Stats

77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to. When Twitter users find local businesses with Twitter accounts, they are more likely to approach and engage with that business.

Twitter Marketing: The Esimplified Process

ESimplified puts your business on Twitter the right way, driving impact, results and, very happy consumers. Our social media marketing team sets up your business profile so that you engage with more relevant followers and reach a target audience by the thousands.

We implement optimized tweets, industry-related news, and promote services and content that will get seen by a huge number of Twitter users at any given time, with measurable results.

Benefits Of Using Twitter As A Business:
  • Promote your brand multiple times a day
  • Reach customers directly
  • Achieve thousands of impressions with keyword hashtags
  • Create contests or promote your special offers
  • Share your own or other informative material and become the "go-to" company
  • Join conversations or engage your followers with your own topics
  • Become an influencer in your niche which will help your followers build trust in you from day one