PPC is a highly effective "pull" strategy since it allows businesses to be visible just when the user searches for services or products the business provides. If set wisely, PPC can be a very cost effective and powerful way to generate qualified leads with a high ROI.

PPC is an online marketing model used to direct traffic to websites instantly by displaying ads on pages of Google search pages. Advertisers will only pay when the ads are clicked on hence the term "pay per click".

How PPC Helps
  • Instant and targeted traffic
  • Brand exposure
  • Qualified leads
  • Target many search terms
Benefits of PPC

PPC can have a positive impact on businesses and brands. Some of the benefits are:

  • Business goals – PPC is considered to be a valuable method of marketing for brand awareness, converting visitors to customers, and serving the middle of the funnel through advertising
  • Targeting Options – PPC allows you to target keywords, audiences based on their past behaviour, audiences based on their demographics.
  • Flexibility – You can start off small and scale up immediately. And if you wish to put your campaign on hold, you can stop it right away. This flexibility allows you to make quick decisions and act upon it.
Our PPC Strategy

Before creating any PPC campaign, we give attention to the business and the industry it deserves. Thoroughly analyzing and understanding each aspect of the business allows us to identify targeted, relevant keywords, understand the target audience and devise a strategy that will drive the right types of leads.

Some things we keep in mind while devising the strategy are:

  • Keyword research to target relevant keywords
  • Design relevant ads
  • Create effective landing pages
  • Optimize ads for quality score improvement
  • Reduce cost per click
  • Constant monitoring and management