LinkedIn is the top networking platform to connect with industry professionals and businesses. It's the #1 social media platform for B2B businesses, but what is less known is that LinkedIn is also a great tool for B2C businesess too.

Get The Stats

50% of LinkedIn members are in upper management positions and are decision makers. LinkedIn members have 2x the buying power than other social media platforms.

Why Should I Put My Business On Linkedin?

LinkedIn is a generally career-oriented networking site; most of its members are decision makers, executives of some kind, statistically more educated and consequently have higher salaries comparatively. Looked at as potential consumers, LinkedIn members have higher buying power and more more inclined to engage with a business that promotes services and products that they want. LinkedIn is therefore thought of as a more professional and credible source of information, and members are more likely to trust and take seriously other businesses that have LinkedIn profiles.

Linkedin Marketing: The Esimplified Process

ESimplified has developed a strategic approach in putting clients on LinkedIn. Through setting up a business profile advantageously, we ensure every element of your business page is optimized so that it becomes a lead generator instead of a bland information page.

Benefits Of Linkedin For Your Business:
  • Build business credibility among other esteemed business professionals
  • Establish the business image as a professional and reputable source of information
  • Post job openings when the need arises
  • Network with other business professionals and become a memorable business
  • Promote your business's brands or services as individual entities of interest
  • Ability to join groups where your prospects are and drive engagement