How Can I Put My Business On Facebook?

Facebook has developed an effective platform for businesses. It only makes sense; after all, that is where most potential customers actually spend a lot of time browsing. To quote them directly: "Facebook can help you reach all the people who matter most to your business."

Get The Stats

Canadians are the most active Facebook users in the world.

14 million Canadians check their News Feed every day.

Facebook Marketing: The Esimplified Process

ESimplified puts businesses on Facebook so that branding, discoverability, and targeting are maximized. We maintain a thorough management system from a quick and effective page setup with all the right elements in place, cost-effective newsfeeds, optimized and engaging posts that drive clicks or calls right from the Facebook business page!

Our system flexibly incorporates ongoing promotions and current information about your business that is delivered to your clients on a direct and immediate basis rather than a long sales cycle. You're able to connect to your consumers where they are and when they're online so that your business is prominently in front of your prospects.

Benefits Of Using Facebook As A Business:
  • Promote your services, products, ad campaigns, sales on a wider scale
  • Reach your customers where they spend their free time every day
  • Drive engagement and connectivity with your consumers
  • Establish a personal relationship between your brand and your followers
  • Establish a real image and brand for increased customer loyalty
  • Specify your targeted audience in both regular posts and paid ads